Can someone please explain the KO system to me?
  • hi, i'm a beginner, i know Hi/Lo but i want to add another weapon to my card counting. after browsing for a while on this site, it seems KO would be a logical choice. can someone please explain how it works and why it works? it would be a lot of help. also any suggestionson books about KO.
  • Knock-Out Blackjack by Olaf Vancura,ph.D. & Ken Fuchs.
    Thats the book I think you are looking for.
    I just finished reading it. I found it very interesting even though
    I never counted cards before, I play using Walter Thompson's
    progression. It seems like a very easy system to use. I think.
    I may try to employ both systems together.
  • I am also new to counting. Check out which gives an explanation of the method and how it works. Unlike HI/LO, it is an unbalanced count so you don't have to convert to true count.
  • Are you sure you know H/L or do you mean you know of H/L? There is
    a big difference in knowing of something and "knowing it". Maybe you
    are just trying to determine which system you would like to learn. Is
    that it? It takes years to "know" a count system.......................
  • i've beening playing basic strategy years now, last year i got into Hi/Lo. has helped me a lot. i wouldn't say i "mastered" it. but i do know how to use it, and it has been success for me in a casino more times than it has been unsuccessful. thanks for the site and book. i'll be sure to check it out.
  • I see.....Then your not really a beginner

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