• When using the 1-2-3-5 positive progression,does the player revert back to bet #1 after winning the 5 unit bet or keep making 5 unit bets until he loses one? Thanks.
  • Prog - You could play it either way.........Henry T. (in his book) recommends going back to 1 unit after winning the 5 units.......G.
  • Grifter- This is slightly off subject, but do you think it is possible to use a
    progression to your advantage during very low or slightly negative cnts?
    My question is more toward shoe games than any other and is related to
    the fact that you can play a very long time under these conditions. Another
    reason is that you can only go to the john or make a quick phone call so
    many times, nor can you expect to be able to play two at 70% whenever
    you like. I don't beleive progressions are much better than flat betting in
    the long term, but can they be used effectively in other ways?

    Consider this progression: 1-1-1,2/5-2.....Translation: 25-25-35-50

    The idea is to play this strategy only if you don't have a reason to increase
    your bet and if that happens; no more progression..

    p.s. There was some kind of boat show going on the other day and the
    hotel was full for a Monday. Back to normal next week I hope........

  • progressionist I use a 1-2-3-4 prog. and I always stay with (4 units) out while I am winning. After all, when the cards are going your way you want to have the money out on the felt.
    If you make it through your progression you will be up (11 units) so why not stay out with another 5 and make it a (16 unit ) win.
    On the other hand if you lose that last bet of (5 units) you are still up ( 6 units) on your progression. Not Bad! I like playing that way.
  • Ray said:
    I don't beleive progressions are much better than flat betting in the long term, but can they be used effectively in other ways?

    In my opinion, they can not only be used effectively in shoe games, but it is mandatory to play a conservative one if you are using any kind of advantage play. You can’t just sit and flat bet one unit until the deck is positive. You need to get the pit used to seeing different/higher bets on the table. Your 1-1-1.48-2 will probably be o.k. but that is only showing a spread of 1:2. The 1-2-3-5 can be a little viotile but it does show a spread of 1:5. I would recommend whatever you are comfortable with. I use ‘Walter’s’ quite a bit.

    And of course, two other things ‘may’ happen by playing a light progression during negative and neutral counts. :wink:
    1. You won’t fall asleep because you are flat betting, which is about as exciting as watching paint dry.
    2. You may just catch a nice win streak and pocket a few bucks.

  • Grifter- What you say is very true. Sitting at a table, shoe after shoe, is
    a very difficult way to try an overcome the creeping crud(.5). I've got
    some effective ways to overcome this problem, but they are impacted to
    some extent by casino conditions. So, what is a good alternative when
    you can't play your normal game. I'm going to play green no matter the
    table limit, but if conditions are such that I'm forced to play the higher
    limit tables(no mid-shoe entry), I'm thinking of playing the prog. described
    rather than 2 @ 70%. The progression is, like you say, very mild, but I'll
    have more money in the game right from the start and my spread is less
    obvious when I have reason to increase and drop the progression. Just
    some thoughts that I'm trying to evaluate. In this situation, I'll play two hnds or spread to two at the first opp.

    Your playing DD, how do you marry the count to the prog? Or do you
    just increase your bet and continue the progression?


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