Players Cards: Should they be used?
  • There are various references to winning players being barred from casinos for 'cumulative wins'. Do casinos track a players action through the use of Players Cards, or are Players Cards a legitimate means of comps with no strings attached? Does anyone know for sure?


  • As a player nothing is certain but the door in and out.

    The pit boss DOES track your betting habits on that rate card, and it is computed in the house computer. Your card tells them who you are and when you last played. A quick locator for that house computer. Yes, there is a tightly secure link. Yes, its easy to surmise that the house does know if you're a big winner or not.

    Ask them yourself... whats my status? I don't think the PB will tell you !

    Just think about it .... you are responsible for your own play. If you hammer the house too often, out you go. If you win some/lose some or just lose, you're OK. Keep a journal.

  • You could try disguising the amount you've won. Lately I've been ratholing greens. Whenever everyone, including you, is looking in another direction, sneak a couple of green chips off the table into your pocket.
  • I think a rack count when a player leaves is the usual SOP. I've seen this a little too often not to mention it. Its just a glance by the more experienced PB. A good dealer knows the house score. Sometimes the rack is noticeably lower during a good run by fellow players, and ratholing gets noticed, but when the other players are losing a bit ratholing goes undetected. Keep an eye on the the other players. This happened Wed. when I cashed in. Fortunately, the other 3 players (especially the fellow on my left) were losing a bit. The 6 I scoffed off the table went unnoticed, but I did hear the dealer mention that one guy earlier had "hit the rack", and that "we're not doing too bad now".

    Just my thoughts

  • I'm confused. I brought up this issue (comp cards) a few months back, and I recall (too lazy to check threads right now) the general consensus was, if you're not a "huge" winner, don't worry. Small or moderate wins become good "advertising" for the casino. And, a lot of folks here related stories of regular wins (not huge) with no heat at all. Now it seems folks seem a little more cautious about wins being watched.

    My original question concerned if a one visit/one win of say $400 or $500, once a week was enough to draw scrutiny. The original discussion led me to feel a bit less paranoid. Now I'm not so sure.

  • I'll run the risk of sounding ignorant. What is ratholing? I gather that it means pocketing a few chips for some reason, but I've never seen that word before.
  • jm... things are changing out west from what I gather. This is all part of the increased heat. Its smells a little over-built out there. In a few years, the same may happen here, if not sooner. Pit critters have been checking the rack more often. Remember, it appears that we have a better game here. Just a few thoughts on the game afoot.


    ps: Mike... yup pocketting a few when the attention is elsewhere.
  • John – I will stand by my post in the previous thread. Unless you are regularly playing in a very small casino (where everyone is “recognized”) I do not think your small/moderate wins are going to be any problem……You are not going to win every time, and those losses will also be posted along with your wins if you are using your player’s card.

    Nickels – I don’t know how it is in CT, but I have never been refused my “status” if I asked……In smaller stores, the PB or Floor Supervisor will give it to you if they aren’t busy (or ask you to come back if they are), and if you are playing in the bigger places and have a host they will readily give it.

    Win1 - For the occasional player, I think a player’s card is just a matter of choice.
    - If you want to remain more or less anonymous, don’t use a card.
    - If you want an occasional free meal, casino room rate, or whatever; then you are better off using a card.

    Conversely, if you are going to play a ‘serious’ amount of blackjack (and don’t live close to a casino and/or have lots of spare money) then the use of a player’s card becomes an economic necessity. If you are going to be making two/three/four ‘day trips’ once or twice a month to play and staying in a hotel, you have to offset those costs by showing your card enough to get free rooms/meals; or at the very minimum getting a casino rate on your room.

    Just my opinion…..Grifter
  • Grifter said:
    John – I will stand by my post in the previous thread. Unless you are regularly playing in a very small casino (where everyone is “recognized”) I do not think your small/moderate wins are going to be any problem……

    Thank you Grif. I have to go with experience (yours) here. You've put my mind at ease. Again.

  • Griff-- I find that the casinos will tell you how many points you have on your card, but very little else. None of the two here have told me if I'm ahead or behind at the tables over the long-run. Thankfully there's a journal.

  • Nickels_n_Bullets said:
    Thankfully there's a journal.


    I'm slow tonight. What journal is that? You can access it, I'm assuming?

  • Nickels – That is really a bummer! “Points” on your playing card for table games?? What are they doing......running the whole casino like a giant, automated “slots parlor”??

    How does it work?......I’m really curious. Say you go on a three day trip. Don’t you have any dialogue/discussion with your host or a floor supervisor about your comps, average bet, win/loss, etc.? Hell, that is part of being a gambler. Next you’ll be telling us you have to stick your playing card in a little slot on the blackjack table. :wink:

  • I've never had a card, but I keep detail records/journal. I know as much
    as the pit and even more. Notes, expenses, win/loss, what went good or
    bad. Most people use a card and there is nothing wrong with that.....
  • Ray,
    Does the pit ever ask for, or urge you to sign up for a card? If so, how do you respond? Do you just try to avoid the hassle by keeping your sessions short and rotate shifts?
  • PJ- They ask constantly. I've told the pit every story you can think of
    and sometimes it gets interesting. I'm from anywhere and everwhere
    and just in town for a visit. They know, but I don't give a dam what they
    know. What kind of work do you do? Have you ever been here before
    or have you played at so and so? If your playing pretty good money, it
    takes them about 5 minutes to ask. Another reason to play the lower limit
    tables and try to slide thru. I buy in at every table, cash out a lot, and
    change locations/floors all night long.
  • This is going to be a dumb question, but does each casino have their own players card or is there a single one you can get for say all of Vegas?
  • Each casino has its own......a lot of them have for slots and one for table games.
  • "Nickels – That is really a bummer! “Points” on your playing card for table games?? What are they doing......running the whole casino like a giant, automated “slots parlor”?? "

    Just about. There are over 6,000 slots in each casino.

    You hand in your card, and play. The PB checks in and sees your play amount. I do not know the exact rate of comp. It seems to be a % of your losses per hour. On my winning days the comp is smaller, and seems to be somewhere around 0.1% table action per hour. Maybe less.

    I would say there are two formulas, one for losers and one for winners.

    One example: I had a $100 loss over 6 hours and recieved 16 points. On another day same PB and pit but win 100 in 4 hrs netted me 4 points. I like to think of it as 1/10th of a bet per hour overall, and it appears to be a good rule of thumb.

  • I play in A.C and use a players card. I don't know of any kind of point system based on wins and loses. I do know that you are rated on the amount of your average wager and also on the amount of time you play.

    I have asked the pit boss for diner comps for(4) people and he would give them to me and thats after being up after (2) hrs. of play.

    I know for a fact that they do keep track of your wins and loses.
    I think they are really interested in your action. The amount of time that you play. I beleive thats where you are really rated.
  • I also play in A.C. and have found what J C says to be the case. The longer you play and the bigger your average bet, the better the comp, no matter if you're up or down.

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