5 deck auto shuffler
  • Hi all,
    Close be there are 2 indian casinos and they both use these shuffling machines that continually shuffles. I know they have 5 decks in them and my question is will counting cards be an advantage or a waste of tome. there is never a end to a shoe unless they bring in new cards.
    Any info would be great.
  • Counting cards will do you no good with the auto shuffle.
    The only thing you can count is whats showing. If you have alot of babie cards showing chances are the next one out of the shoe is likely to be a ten or vice versa.
  • I also have a question regarding CSM's and thought this may be the time to ask. I play on a ship where only two types of games are offered. 5- deck CSM's and 8- deck shoes. The rules are RSA, DAS, S17, and LSR. For a non-counter, does either game have a better expectation? My guess is that the CSM would be a little better. I just don't really like to play those machines if they can be avoided.
  • I wouldn't imagine that there's a difference for the basic strategy player other than the fact that those machines are evil.
  • Sorry i couldn't find it in an faq - but what's rsa?
  • RSA means you're allowed to resplit aces.
  • PJ -
    With all rules the same a 5D game will give you a better expectation than an 8D game (less decks is always better). I don't have a specific example in front of me but it would be by no more than a tenth of a percent.

    But the better game to play is still the 8D, because the small gain in expectation on the 5 deck CSM will be more than offset by the many more hands you will have to play because there are no shuffle breaks.
  • Heres a look at the House Advantages:

    5dCSM DOA-DAS-S17-LS = 0.310%
    same with Resplit Aces = 0.245%

    8deck DOA-DAS-S17-LS = 0.330%
    same with Resplit Aces = 0.285%

    Courtesy of Eric Farmer's Blackjack 5.0.

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