• O.K., all you great writers out there how about sharing with the rest of us your biggest win/loss session ever,craziest player you ever met at the tables,craziest dealer ever,etc,etc. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!
  • This past January my wife and I took a Cruise on the Carnival which left out of Florida. Needless to say once you get out into neutral waters the ship casino is open for business. My wife likes to play the slots only because she feels a little intimidated at the tables. However this time I was able to get her to sit at the blackjack table with me. She has a little knowledge of the game since I use to get her to Quiz me on B.S. on the way to A.C. plus I was there to help her along.

    We played the $10 table using a positive progression ( N.Y. progression 2-1-2-3-4-5-6-etc. ect. well I can't remember how many times she made it up to 7-8-9 into the progression and she was scared to death to put out another chip after pulling in 9 that she had just won. It was funny! I also had my share of good runs. Anyway it was a very profitable night for us. We made 2K that night and with another 1K I made during other nights at sea It paid for our whole trip. We were happy and I guess that would be one of our biggest wins.
  • most women get that way when they realize they have much cash out. tell your wife that scared money never wins and to not be such a nervouswreck and just do what she knows and never divert from that.
  • I was on a cruise ship this last january playing BJ and the guy beside me kept stacking his chips on top of each other. green and blacks stacked about 24" high. he actually turned out to be a nice guy but didnt know BS very well
  • As a small stakes player my most memorable experience happened while leaving a casino to go home after being even for a 1 1/2 day trip. I had three red chips in my pocket, sat down at a crowded $5 table with CSM to give it ONE LAST CHANCE. Bet $5 each hand and won the first six hands in a row. The dealer continued to bust, I continued to draw great hands, winning splits, double downs, a couple of black jacks here and there while gradually increasing my bet amounts. When the streak ended after about 30 minuites, I went home with $505.00 and a great feeling!
  • High point of last weekend, or maybe the whole month:

    For the table I was at my max bet is usually $50, but since the count was so high (+8 KO), I decided to bump it up to $75 once. Of course, the hand I got was 8,8 vs. T.

    Well, %#&@, with the count so high the dealer is even more likely than usual to have a T underneath.

    Then I thought about one of Renzey's articles where he made the point that with big bucks out there it's even more important to play the hand correctly, instead of trying to get conservative.

    So I split them, caught a 9 on one and a T on the other. Luckily, the dealer had to take a hit and he busted.

    I never thought that one would work out!
  • Here's one, stupid things I've done.

    Playing last week I split 6's against dealer's 7. I stood on an eventual 18 and 20, dealer got a ten. I win, what luck.
  • My biggest winning session was last year when I had no clue what I was doing...I won just under 500$$$...now what I don't understand is that now I know so much more about BJ (because of you guys) :) and I can't seem to win!!!
  • Its not dumb for 2 decks, its almost marginal for 4 decks, and not as dumb as you think for 6 or 8 decks. Its a hand that I occasionaly use to vary my play, should HEAT become a factor.
  • Hi Folks

    Session on Fri night report

    I was using Chads PRO-1 proggression for the first time and had a excellant session at my local casino here in Glasgow Fri night, started using £5 units, the first couple of hours were a bit slow as I was't getting any splits or double downs, and was constantly in a " trading pounds with the casino" cycle type thing, but was still up about £20 for the first hour, £50 for the second hour then started to get a good couple of shoes with a few good splits & double downs coming my way, after about 3 1/2 hours I increased to £10 units, and was getting some good shoes and some mixed shoes, about 3 1/2 later hours ( about 7 hours in totaI ) I cashed out £640 in profit, it eaqualed my win record from playing on line at POC casino of $1000 ( that came to about £600 after currency conversion ) but I had only won £160 so far at a land based casino in one nights session ( using £2 units ) so I went home with a BIG :lol: on my face that night I'll tell you :o so I'm quite impressed with it to say the least
    The real kicker was, it was the first table that I had sat down at, I gave over the dealer a £20 note for 4 X £5 chips ( I had £100 on me, plus money I anticipated to withdraw using my cashline card ) I never put my hand back in my wallet, my £640 profit all came from my original buy in of that first £20 :shock:
    Has any one else here tried it yet? Take care and be lucky

    Cheers :wink:

  • About 9 years ago walked by a BJ table at Slots-A-Fun in LV and dropped a $20 bill in the circle to check out my luck...lost to a dealers BJ...turned around and threw 3 sets of quarters in a quarter slot...turned out to be progressive and I won $10,350.00 US dollars with a red/white/blue 7!! That sure made our holiday a happy one (and my husband overjoyed) and I took a bunch back home and put it into my bank in Canadian funds for our next trip. So, I've been practicing my count by eliminating pairs and I'm so darn slow!! So how about when I'm down in LV again in September I watch the tables and sit left of a player who is betting big with multiple units occassionaly and I bet high when he does and not when he isn't? Am I wrong to assume that someone who is doing pretty good and betting pretty big (and is sober!) is probably a good counter? Do you think these players would notice and get mad at me? I know I should be learning myself but I'm really feeling dyslexic I'm so slow. At least I know basic vanilla strategy like the back of my hand now thanks to this HitandStand game.
  • I would be extremely careful following someone's lead whom you don't know. Unless the person indicated to you that he or she is indeed counting. Many people bet big because of progressions that have no relation to the count, to recoup losses, or just because of a hunch.

    Also certain plays are different according to the count such as standing with a 16 or even a 15 against a 10.

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