Foxwoods Casino
  • Just wondering if any one on this board has been here. I'm going there tomorrow. Any tips? Not sure what the BS for BJ is at this casino. Anyone have it? Let me know. Thanks.

  • Foxwoods is currently undergoing renovations to the tune of 1/4 Billion. Lotsa interior construction is going on, and is planned. The 21 there is essentially 8 decks Double on any 2 cards, Double after split, pairs resplit to 4 hands, Aces split once and get 1 card each. The dealer stands on soft 17, and Late Surrender is allowed. You should stand on 4 card 16's against a 10,J,Q or K, and any 3 card 16 that does NOT have one 6 in it. (Ace69, 268, and 367 HIT, the other 3 card 16s STAND against a 10,J,Q,K)

    The house advantage is 1/3%, and the comps are tight.

    There is also the Mohegan Sun, toward the town of Norwich, about 10 miles away, if you don't like the construction and/or game. The sun uses 6 decks with the same rules, and has machine dealt games that use 4 decks, shuffling every round. Its not undergoing construction and looks quite nice.
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    What is the correct play of late surrender in Conn. They don't offer it in A.C. My Wife and I are planning a trip up there on the 20th of this month. We plan on hitting Foxwoods and M.S

    Thanks J.C.
  • Surrender 15 vs. 10-value (HIT 7&8), and Any 16 vs. 9, 10-value, and Ace. Some people (me too) surrender 88 vs. 10-value with a large bet. Not a correct play, but financially more certain, considering that you ADD to the original bet to split'em in a very bad overall situation.

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