• i was wondering how you would know how much to bring to a certain type buy in table. Like how much would you guys start out with at a $10 table
  • I like to play with 40x the table minimum. That should keep you in the game for awhile and help weather those negitive runs should they pop up.I will usually buy in with 20 units ($200.) and keep the rest in reserve.
  • Here's another idea.

    I really don't want the pit/dealer to know how I am doing. If I buy in for (say) $500 at a $25 table, they now have a record of where I started. And when I color up and out, they know how I did.

    I do two things to confuse things.

    1. I buy in at the cage. Or, if there is a 6:5 BJ table open, I'll go buy in for $500, then say "wait, what is this 6:5 crap? I'm not going to play that nonsense, blackjack pays 3:2. color me up." I then walk away as though leaving the casino, but since most have a large area with multiple pits, I go to another pit and sit down. The "hold" for that 6:5 table just took a hit since the hold for me was zero, I get chips to use elsewhere so that they won't know what I am in for, and the 6:5 group sees yet another customer walk out. :)

    2. I do not drop all my chips on the table. I play with a few from my pocket, and if I win, I do my best to pocket excess chips, particularly at dealer change. If I am playing at a $25 table, I will get a $100 black here and there and I try to bury them in my pile of chips and remove them when I get a chance.

    I really don't want the pit to know when I am winning, and while a single dealer might know your totals, when he gets relieved, the new dealer won't know what you have if you are careful, and once the old dealer comes back, he won't know what you have rat-holed vs what you have lost... I try to keep it that way. The less they know about what I am doing, the better...

    If you want to buy in, look at others at the table. IE I was at an indian casino a few weeks back, playing with my son at a $5 table. Buying in for $100 caused some "interest". Another guy bought in for $500 and every person in the pit came by to look him over, chat with him, etc. In las Vegas, buying in for $500 might be a cheapskate. At an indian casino, I saw people buying in for $20 which is ridiculous and slows the game down.
  • Darossman- If your an average guy playing basic strategy and learning,
    then JC has it about right. Don't worry about the pit, dealer, players or
    anything else for that matter, just play and learn. Other things can come
  • Gorilla Player,
    I didn't know you could buy chips at the cage. Do they allow that where you play?
  • They've allowed it every where I have played where I have tried. If I am going to buy in for $100, I'll probably do it at the table. If I am going to play green at a DD table, I'll usually hit the cage.

    Of course if you play for comps with a player's card, you probably should always buy in at the table...

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