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Blackjack Products

A gambling book and software publishing company specializing in products for serious gamblers. They also offer training videos and a newsletter.

Statistical Blackjack Analyzer
Statistical Blackjack Analyzer (SBA) is a very powerful blackjack simulator. You can run billions hands simulations and generate the best risk-averse indices, all for your specific blackjack rules and conditions.

DeepNet Technologies
DeepNet Technologies develops a wide range of Blackjack training software products for Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Windows. The only company that provides Basic Strategy, Card Counting, and Simulation training software for Handheld devices.

Home of BlackJack Pro, the electronic card counting device that fits in your pocket.

Blackjack System Tester
Check your blackjack betting systems against actual play results. It uses recorded results of twenty four, six deck shoes, dealt to a table of five expert Blackjack players.

Casey Computer
Casey, the blackjack computer, helps you win at blackjack by counting the cards for you without being noticed.

BlackJack Calculator
Allows to calculate theoretical advantage of playing in Blackjack under given conditions with a fixed strategy. May be useful for designing new card-counting strategies.