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Blackjack Information

Blackjack Info
Home of The Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine, a free custom basic strategy chart applicable to any set of rules in Blackjack. Plus lots of other blackjack resources.

All About Blackjack
A well designed site with lots of Blackjack information including rules of play, definitions of terms, history, shuffle-tracking, and card counting. It even has info about social issues and cheating.

The Mathematics of Blackjack website. Providing feature articles; betting, counting, and playing strategies; math discussion; simulation discussion; The Novice Corner; and a workshop for counting and shuffle tracking.

Stanford Wong's BJ21.com
The largest and most popular discussion boards for Blackjack, brought to you by Stanford Wong and Pi Yee Press (see book list). Free and paid membership are offered.

Blackjack Scams
This site is worth definitely checking out. It is devoted to pointing out some of the short-cuts made by casinos and scams made by people trying to convince you they have the srecret.

Blackjack Man
Here you will find Blackjack instruction, free shockwave blackjack, rules of blackjack and more.

This site offers both free blackjack information and blackjack software products created by mathematical modeler who goes by "hunter" on the message boards.

Blackjack Plaza
Information about blackjack and the best casinos to play blackjack.

A resource site for casino blackjack. Includes information on card counting, basic strategy, rules, money managment, identifing good playing conditions, internet gambling and more.

Information about the casino game of blackjack, including articles, discussions, tips, strategies, and interactive resources.

Lots of information about blackjack and a nice site design. Rules, strategies, downloads, tips, odds, table guide & more

Wikipedia's Blackjack Page
Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, has a blackjack page that provides concise information on rules, history, strategy, and even card counting.

BeeJack 2021
Mathematically based blackjack analyzer which specifies the best move in any situation and recommends how much money to bet.

Fat Tony's Blackjack
Offering real blackjack advice, real free online blackjack and more to help you "shake Vegas by the ankles."

Blackjack Winner
Blackjackwinner shows you how to maximize your odds when playing on the Net, as well as in a real casino. Good stuff for both beginners and card-counters

Black Jack Strategy Teacher
A blackjack simulator with builtin negative feedback to help the user learn the proper basic strategy decisions.

Blackjack on the Web
Designed to show you both where to play and how to play to win on the web.

Over 45 message boards,  chat rooms,  casino blackjack rules,  gambling archives, free links,  and a full product catalog for the serious player.

Online Blackjack.com
Free games and downloads, card counting techniques, rules, strategy, managed spending tips and more.

21 Blackjack Online
Provides blackjack game, blackjack rules, strategy, history, news, tips and more.

Blackjack Australia
Information on blackjack in Australian Casinos. Free Basic Strategy tables and card counting information.

The site is designed to teach players how to count cards, and has several Java applets that train you.

Blackjack 2002
Uncover blackjack's best kept secrets and learn how to play blackjack by diligently studying blackjack rules, tips, strategy and techniques.

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