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Mondello Yea, I'm stupid. That's what your mother said when I shaved her back, but she religiously agreed. 2003-07-31 15:50:50
okohiored Zebra as always when you win a national champion ship the program goes under the microscope.about 50 per cent of athletes have no business in college and would not be there under normal circumstances other than to play ball.Now back to martingale is not a play to wait until dealer busts but a play trying to hook into odds of losing 5 in a row at 81-1 playing good strategy.Am off here couple of days to get with my rowdy friends to go see and drink some beer watching a live outside concert by Charlie Daniels band in Logan West Virginia . 2003-07-31 15:30:22
sld007 zipper - Hey dumbass..your caps lock is stuck. mondelo - Where did you learn to spell...god you are one stupid fucker!! 2003-07-31 15:23:27
Mondello Ditto, Zipper, thats the problem with the younger generation, for they want instantanious results on the drop of a f____ing dime. I guess all this computer bull- shit has a major impact, well guess what the old timers still rule, call it the rookie glass ceiling or whatever, personally I don't give a shit,, this punks need to get a good ass whiping, and perhaps he will get a little buggy. The God-dam country has gone to shit because of the gen x -y - and z'ers. Piss on them, screw with Mondello and I will contact Paulie Walnuts, god-dam piss ant punks, get a job. 2003-07-31 14:59:30
Paulie Walnuts What's a Paulie Walnuts? 2003-07-31 14:56:17
sld007 mondello - you out negro? I thought you was in the whole way for tossin the salad of htat 10 year old mexican boy, bitch. 2003-07-31 13:48:35
Mondello Hay shitbird knucklehead you are the problem, always crying like a little wussie that you don't understand things, please shut the hell up or I'll have to pull a Paulie Walnuts on your ass. Now beat that u candy ass bug shit, crybaby, probably lard ass looser. Bloat it up chump. 2003-07-31 13:39:05
BuGhOu§eMASTER Okay Mondello The Fag... if you dont like my helpful advise that I am willing to present on this forum than just STFU and dont get involved. Your useless bickering about my helpfulness on this page is totally unneeded, and if you ask me...YOU are the true chump. NOW BEAT IT. 2003-07-31 12:50:22
Mondello I was at that table, but I was sitting at 3rd base.Hay Bug you BUG me. Why don't you let the men take control of this site, and should I say that sometimes visual learning,or reading is perhaps the best method in your interest. Follow through with it chump. 2003-07-31 12:28:24
Ted Here is the situation. There are 7 players at a BJ table in Atlantic City. 6 of these players are the "greatest" players in the world. The 7th player is a complete amateur. The 7th player sits "anchor". Do the 6 greatest players care how he plays his hands, or do they take the position that if this amateur plays "his way" he will lose all his money but his moves do not effect my hand. 2003-07-31 11:23:03
zebra okohiored -- i agree that i'm trading optimization for downside protection. can't get comfortable yet with the huge downside of a true martingale system -- when i spreadsheet it out, i see that a single bad run (and we've all had them) could wipe out the entire upside that i've banked for the last six months. so have modified to the level that keeps my heart in my chest. you won't like this one either, but i break further from bs during the launch phase, surrendering many hands (thirteens, fourteens, fifteens, sixteens) against strong dealer upcards -- in violation of strict basic strategy. by the way, what's the deal with maurice clarett? they having trouble recruiting intelligence out at osu these days? 2003-07-31 10:57:25
Doc I know the martingale is routinely disparaged by the knowlegeble gambling community but I would think using it in BJ would be double bad planning due to the importance of splits, double downs, and BJs in equalizing the house advantage. If I was ever going to plan on using it I would do it on the 'field' in craps or on the bank in baccarat. Is there some math that would support this? 2003-07-31 10:46:17
Curious ok ohio red you don't play 2003-07-31 10:15:23
okohiored Zebra you play also with boldness but disagree with not splitting or doubling if it is good black jack strategy,This is time to split or double with more chips on the tableand making the correct play. Once in New Orleans ran maringale up to 1500. bet and caught pair of aces.Had to dig down deep to find another 1500 for split.Ended up one won and one lost.Puts lump in throat with 3000 out riding in front of you 2003-07-31 10:09:19
zebra hunter -- tried out pala last night -- great casino in north county san diego and they do offer the same rules as barona (h17 / double any / das / late surrender)-- they honored my surrenders though they don't advertise them on the table placards. 2003-07-31 10:03:21
zebra okohiored -- i have begun to use a martingale launch to get into my zebra progression. this method does require quite an increase to the normal bankroll (i haven't figured out what i would call optimal yet -- but have been content to bring loads of cash, refrain from drinking, and refuse to waffle when i arrive at my predetermined hand & loss limits. i have come out ahead four out of five times, but have modified my basic strategy play during the martingale launch. it goes something like this. zebra = 3x; 1x; 1.6x; 2x; 3x; 5x; 7x; 10x; 10x; 4x; 4x until a loss. (4x is arbitrary but i'm a $25 player and $100 is a nice round number.) on the first bet -- if i lose, i move to 6x, if i lose go to 12x; if i lose go to 24x ($600 for me). no doubling or splitting allowed during the launch as the martingale can run amok. hard stop at 5 losses in a row. hard stop at 40% loss limit. definitely a high risk proposition but it has served me well on tables that are choppy or streaky to the upside. if streaky to the downside, loss is limited to 40% which is my loss limit no matter how i play -- i just take the risk that i may arrive there more quickly using this method. 2003-07-31 10:00:03

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