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sld007 bug - thanks for the plug. If I only had a son/daughter like you I'd be a happy man!!! 2003-07-29 20:51:33
Desert Dog Buffarino -- here's Fred Renzey's article: http://renzey.casinocitytimes.com/articles/6140.html If I tried to paraphrase it, I'd probably screw it up and mislead too many people. 2003-07-29 20:34:29
ZIPPER MIDNITE do you agree wityh my probability calculation (10.7% actually)? long term one deck six decks ANY DECKS?? for bug's EDUCATION 2003-07-29 20:30:31
Desert Dog Zipper -- "ROCKET surgery"? Doc -- would that require anesthetic? 2003-07-29 20:29:48
Buffarino Thanks, Desert Dog. I guess I'm about where you were before joining. I win probably a bit less than half of the time I go. I'd certainly like to increase that percentage. So to sum up the surrendur rules for a basic strategy player (and assuming dealer stays at soft 17), you should surrendur a hard 15 against a 10 and a hard 16 (even 8's) against a 9 or 10. Where does that leave aces (again, assuming dealer stays on soft 17)? Is that right? 2003-07-29 20:25:47
Midnite Bug- The laws of probabilities simply indicates the long range, average expection. Short term, anything can and will happen. 2003-07-29 20:18:14
Desert Dog Welcome to the board, Buffarino. You sparked a great discussion about Surrender today. Pay no attention to this exchange between Bughousemaster and Zipper. It gets like that here sometimes. I joined this forum in June. I keep records of my visits to the tables, wins and losses. During several weeks before joining this board, I won only 5 out of 12 times. Since joining, I have won 8 out of 10 times. It's not all coincidence or luck. I've learned and better understand a lot of things that make a big difference. I'm not a card-counter, but even without counting, the knowledge you gain here makes Blackjack into a game of skill maybe as much as it is a game of chance. Final note, one of my two losses in my current 8/10 streak was bad, day #2 of a Vegas trip. I didn't quit when I hit my loss limit, and went to more than twice that number. It was my own failure to follow what I learned here that made that day so bad. Stick around, and you're on your way to being NOT the kind of player the casinos count on to make so much more than the theoretical 0.5% house advantage. 2003-07-29 20:14:44
BuGhOu§eMASTER Where are you getting this 11% from? What do you mean "a bit less" than 11%? That's just saying my chance at getting dealt BJ 10 times in a row is "a bit less" than 100%... care to be a little more DETAILED with your wordings? Also, I said *6-deck* not single deck ... unless you get your facts straight dont bother to answer -- I'll just wait for some real poster to respond, like Midnite. 2003-07-29 19:34:28
ZIPPER what? no THANK YOU?? 2003-07-29 19:03:53
ZIPPER I generally don't like taking orders FROM YOU OR MY MOTHER.However the probability is a bit less than 11% 2003-07-29 18:57:28
BuGhOu§eMASTER Okay, then tell me what's the probability of being dealt ANY 20 in a 6-shoe game? 2003-07-29 18:54:17
ZIPPER I have a grid. It's not like ROCKET SURGERY or anything. you just lauy out the cards alond the top and along the side and figure out how many times total you get certian combos BLACKJACK TWENTY WHATEVER. I don't know how I could show it here though. 2003-07-29 18:51:03
BuGhOu§eMASTER Um, why dont YOU make that grid and show all of us since you say it's so "obvious"...? Alright then. 2003-07-29 18:32:53
ZIPPER Just make a simpel grid you guys! Lay it out on paper and the PERCENTAGES ARE OBVIOUS. 2003-07-29 18:27:23
BuGhOu§eMASTER Midnite, how does that work that the dealer could get 11 out of 12 BJ's? How did you determine that 20/21 hands? Also, does your stats matter if it's a 6deck or single deck game? Is there a site where I can get this, as well as other BJ probability figures? Thanks! 2003-07-29 18:24:46
Desert Dog Midnite -- one out of 20 or 21 means roughly 4% of your hands will be BJs. Why don't I get 4% when I multiply the percentage of 10's (31%) times the percentage of Aces (7.7%)? I get 2.4%. 2003-07-29 18:03:30

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