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Desert Dog Zebra and Hunter, thanks for the info. If I'm in San Diego on business, staying in a downtown hotel, which casino is the best choice for getting there and back quickly? Barona sounds like a long drive. (Over here, the city boundary wraps around the Indian Reservation, and the casinos are just across the line. Too convenient.) I know what you mean about crowds making you reluctant to give up a seat when you really should be walking away and finding another table. 2003-07-28 20:47:20
Desert Dog After seeing the guy to my right wimp out on hands that should have been doubles or splits, I ordered your book too, Renzey. Might as well capitalize on other strong hands at the table if their owners won't. 2003-07-28 20:25:16
Renzey To Bug; The house makes a profit (in the form of a savings) when a player accepts even money on his blackjack against an Ace. If you pay the even money, you make a net averaged profit and the other player gets what he wanted in the first place. In return, you could offer him one of your paired 7's against a 3 (as well as many other losing splits). This move will save you money since each 7 will win only 46% of the time. 2003-07-28 19:50:17
Hunter zebra - thanks! good comments. I admit it is mostly the drive to Barona that I dont like. I also seemed to have forgotten that Harrah's does not play surrender; I would not like that also. I visit the local casinos, but either play at Pala or take the 5 hour drive to Vegas. I am at: Hunter@rpsoft2000.com. 2003-07-28 19:39:16
zebra i've been to most of the north county casinos as well -- harrah's is very nice and well-maintained -- vegas-style -- but doesn't have as many tables as barona -- two pits & a high limit room and the surrender rules aren't as favorable on the $25 tables (as in -- surrender isn't offered). that's not important to everybody but surrender is a key part of my game as i think it important to salvage some cash when i'm staring at a (pretty) sure loser. but harrah's definitely has better food -- a couple of really good restaurants in addition to a (really) great buffet and an ordinary diner. No golf there though. They do offer a craps-style game called rincon craps where six green cards and six red cards are dealt onto a (more or less) standard craps layout and a shooter throws a green die and a red die to determine which cards are turned over and those two cards determines the value of the roll. this variation is a bit odd but if you like craps it's a decent approximation. the other north county casinos (as of my last visits to them -- and it's been a while) didn't impress me as much -- but i understand that pala is undergoing a major facelift and a lot of north county players and riverside players make that their regular haunt. the little ones that i know -- pauma (near pala) & valley view (near harrah's) -- seem to have a focus on slots and are a bit lower rent. there are a few others around the county but it seems (to me) that the best blackjack action is at barona, harrah's rincon, and pala. hunter -- if you want to get out and play sometime, try me -- d9j9h9@hotmail.com 2003-07-28 19:05:51
BuGhOu§eMASTER Excuse me?! "He said I could as long as it didn't slow down the game. " Well midnite, I sure hope you told that dealer to go bite a big one cuz he has no right to tell you that!!! Players can take as long as they damn well PLEASE while playing BJ! How messed up is that! Renzey, sorry, I fail to see the point of asking someone to accept even money from me, and not the dealer... hah. 2003-07-28 18:33:18
Renzey To Drifter; Yep, it's me. I wrote Blackjackjack Bluebook II. To Bug; If the player's bet is less than $30, you cannot offer him a bonus! Try to get him to accept mere even money from you rather than from the dealer. Other typical Hand Interaction moves to focus on would be to complete somebody's double for less with 11 against a 10. It happens fairly often. Many times you can tell that a person is wavering on whether to double or not. At those times you can say, "I like your hand - I'll go halves with you on a double if you want". That will tip many of them into doing it. 2003-07-28 17:58:08
Hunter oops - "Harrods" below was wrong - Harrahs it should be. Sorry. Harrahs Rincon 2003-07-28 17:35:56
Hunter Desert Dog - I live in the San Diego area. I was to Barona once, and didnt like it. It was way hidden in the hills. If you dont mind North County just north of San Diego - off of route 15 on the way to LA, there are a lot of good ones. One stretch around route 76 has Pala and Harrods (Rincon Indian tribe) close together along with two others. I like em. The only thing with these California casinos is that most use automatic shufflers - so not good for counting. Pala even has smoke free rooms if you like that. A nice place. Pechanga even more North of Pala and Harrods (Rincon) is also nice - but was always very crowded when I was there. I was afraid to leave a bad bj table once since I thought that would be the last chair I would ever see. Not a good way to play. Pechanga is right off of 15 though. 2003-07-28 17:28:47
Hunter I tend to agree with the groups comments - that if a bad player is being nice otherwise, heck, let them play. I was in Mandalay Bay about 6 months ago maybe and saw a dealer yell at a lady for her stupid moves. I have to admit that I was staring at the lady also. First she split 10's, and then later tried to double down on a blackjack. After the dealer yelled at her the second time the lady left. Personally, I thought the dealer was more out of place and hurt the table atmosphere more. The player was merely contributing to her favorite casino fund. 2003-07-28 17:23:30
zebra desert dog -- barona valley ranch is about thirty to forty minutes eastish of downtown sd (depending on traffic). i usually go late and so it's closer to thirty minutes from my house and i live close to downtown. it's a nice casino / hotel (i've not stayed there but have heard that the rooms are nice new clean basic hotel rooms). the golf course is top notch. they also have a good steakhouse, a couple of ordinary restaurants (a buffet, an all hours cafe, a few fast food style joints in a little food court). there are tons of slots, a (roughly) twelve-table poker room (low-limit games); an off-track betting parlor (horses only -- no sports betting) and four pits of table games. predominantly blackjack tables but also carribean stud; let it ride; super fun 21; pai gow poker; baccarat. a high limit room with about six tables. friday and saturday nights are really crowded and table limits are up. i usually go sunday afternoons or weeknights and it's pleasantly crowded -- full but not uncomfortable. the decor is kind of cowboy and indian. the rules are h17; late surrender; double any; das; 4 splits max. number of decks vary. single deck pitch (high limit room only -- doesn't seem to come off the $100 minimum); lots of double deck pitch ($25 & $50 minimums -- $50 & $100 in the high limit room); some continuous shufflers and 5 deck shoes -- $5 through $15 games. i like it there -- the rules are the best in sd (at harrah's rincon, others they don't offer surrender in the two-deck pitch game which is what i like to play. it is a little dark (similar to caesar's palace before they recently redecorated) -- which to me is preferable to being super-bright. one big downside (not to me but to some) is there is no liquor. it's a super-windy road to get there and they couldn't get a liquor license. this is the story but they do offer wine in the steakhouse and (i think) i saw a guy having a brandy at the $100 table last night so maybe this is less of a rule than a guideline. but there is definitely no liquor in the main casino. as a rule, the staff is very courteous and knowledgable. i've been racking up comps for a couple of years but aside from a couple of meals haven't used them much. i understand you can use your comps to pay your green fees if you're playing at a high level. if you ever get out this way, let me know -- d9j9h9@hotmail.com. 2003-07-28 17:16:28
Desert Dog D -- practice counting with the TV on, tuned to a show you're interested in. 2003-07-28 16:42:00
Desert Dog Zebra, what's Casino Barona like? How far from downtown San Diego, how crowded, what rules, shufflers, etc? 2003-07-28 16:39:34
Desert Dog This sounds like a saloon brawl, but still good posts from everyone. A week ago in Vegas, an idiot at first base hurt me on several hands, and I walked away, as had other players. Then this past weekend an idiot at first base doing even dumber things helped me win a few hands. So it all evens out. But even if they’re behaving okay, I don’t like being at a table with players who don’t have a clue. Midnite -- if I knew you by appearance and saw you ask the dealer if you could keep a basic strategy card in front of you, I'd be Rolling On The Floor Laughing. 2003-07-28 16:33:42
ZIPPER My zipper is definitely not set on Hilary. I hate playing with idiots too and everybody has a story about why their doing whatever stupid move there making and usually you can tell if they know what their doing or not. I'm not buying this hippie cant we all just getalong BULLSHIT. 2003-07-28 16:00:51
Midnite Zipper- I don't think your zipper goes all the way to the top. No sir, I think it is set on Monica and not Hilary. 2003-07-28 15:11:42
Grifter D - I know Midnite will give you some advice, but add this to the mix. Practice, practice, practice at home. Then go to the casino and just flat bet or play a progression with your money, BUT practice your counting at the same time to get used to casino conditions while doing it. WHEN you can maintain a count and "socialize", whatever; then you can start giving a spread a try.....Hope this helps. 2003-07-28 15:07:37

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