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Ted Grifter...many thanks buddy... 2003-08-01 06:56:34
Ted Whoops, I just found the site where I can get Fred's book. I'm also gonna order Walter's book. 2003-08-01 06:55:46
Grifter Ted - Borders has the book. I bought a copy yesterday. For abbreviations go to BJ21.com. On the left side of the main menu is a heading titled "BJ Glossary". 2003-08-01 06:55:07
Ted Desert Dog: Thanks for the reply and to Fred Renzey for his further explanation. I have about 35 questions, but it might be best to get Fred Renzey's book. I checked the "books" link on this site and it is not listed. How do I get it? I'm gonna search the internet for help with abbreviations like 3rd base and 1st base. I'm pretty sure they mean the position of the players at a BJ table, but there are other abbreviations that have me stumped. 2003-08-01 06:39:47
Doc Neil, I would also recommend a monitor for editing out inappropriate comments, if you don't have the time maybe someone else can volunteer. Bug, I'm asking you please to just let it drop, this board has people who have bent over backwards to answer your complex and challenging queries, you are letting them down by continuing in this useless and pointless back and forth. 2003-08-01 06:38:55
Grifter Neil – Yes, please look into it. I particularly like the format on BJ21, and I’m sure you are familiar with it and I’m sure you know David. I have no problem with a log-in process. 2003-08-01 06:33:52
D Neil, yes, please look into the strand postings. You are about to loose some religious readers who don't have the time to sort through all the non-blackjack junkmail. 2003-08-01 06:09:01
Mike ok, so third base play affects the dealer draw, which in turn affects everyone's played hands, but not their odds of winning or losing? If thats the case, would you rather have a middle aged balding stock broker playing perfectly at third or a sleepy eyed Penthouse pet hitting 19? 2003-08-01 04:57:04
Mike Renzey, so..... you're saying hi/lo over ANY progessive betting will better your outcome, long run, short run? 2003-08-01 04:38:03
Renzey Just came home from the casino and checked in to see if anybody's thinking process is evolving forward concerning blackjack after having made a few well intended posts. Wow! Ball busting doesn't get the money in real life guys, and it won't do it in blackjack either. The game can be beaten, but it doesn't look like many folks here are serious enough to do it. So I just have a couple of comments for those who I think there might be hope. To Dog; you're right - third base's horrendous mistakes don't change anybody's odds but his own. If he has 16 against a 6, which card do you want the dealer to get? The first one out of the shoe, or the one after it - and why? And what if the dealer had a 7 up instead of the 6? Now which card do you want the dealer to get? After you've answered that, suppose that just before third base acted on his 16 that the dealer reversed the order of the first two cards in the shoe. Now which card do you want the dealer to get? As some interesting research for an article, I once dealt 500 rounds of blackjack to two players. First base played perfect basic strategy and third base misplayed all 500 hands - bar none. I ignored third base's results, but tabulated how first base would've done had third base played his own 500 hands correctly, and compared that to how first actually did being that third base misplayed every hand. On that particular sample of 500 hands, first base won 9 more hands when third base misplayed every hand than if third had played correctly. It's on page 42 of Bluebook II along with some other riddles that demand logical answers. And to Zebra; Progressions may be fun, but they neatly cancel themselves out after all phases have occurred. Try any progression you can think of on this small, but complete mathematical sample of possible outcomes: WWW, WWL, WLW, LWW, LLW, LWL, WLL, LLL. Add up all the units won on the winning sequences, then compare that total to all the units lost on the losing sequences. Notice that no matter what progression you use, the two numbers cancel each other out. This shows that you'd merely break even IF you could win just as many bets as you lose overall, such as with a coin flip. But in blackjack, you must lose more hands than you win, so a "break even" betting strategy must lose an amount of money that is equal to the house edge. Progessions size their next bet based upon the last outcome which does not influence your chance to win the next one. What does influence those chances though, are the cards that were used up on the last hand! To beat the game, you simply must have at least some awareness of the current "high vs. low supply of cards. There are some surprisingly easy ways to do this and until you make the commitment, you'll be stroking yourself. 2003-07-31 23:19:58
Desert Dog Only one place is hotter than here, Bughouse, and not by much. Arizonans who die and go to hell? "Been there, done that." 2003-07-31 21:39:41
BuGhOu§eMASTER Haha, BUG reports!!!!!!!!!!! rULEz dude... that was hella CLASSIC my HOT man (desert, hot...hello? lol). *sees the future* Mondello: your gay bug master! 2003-07-31 20:56:55
ronman5000 Just like in BJ...few winners, whole lot of losers. It seems some of our newer guests have intended to find a teen chat room where nothing of any substance exists, maybe some shocking curses and a....shave yo mommas back joke. The veterans of this board should keep up their informative posts and ignore ignorant posts. 2003-07-31 20:44:25
Desert Dog Yes, that's who Neil is. Click on "About", upper right of this screen. 2003-07-31 20:39:58
Desert Dog Yes, that's who Neil is. Click on "About", upper right of this screen. 2003-07-31 20:39:55
Desert Dog Yes, Bughousemaster, that's who Neil is. Why he'd want this job, I'll never know, especially after a day like today. If you click "About" on the upper right of this screen you'll see this: "Please send all feedback or BUG reports to neil@hitorstand.net." [I added the caps -- just to kid with you ] 2003-07-31 20:36:44
BuGhOu§eMASTER Who's Neil, the moderator of this board? 2003-07-31 20:06:11

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