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McFlaherty Aren't there situations where splitting tens, standing on 16 or 15 vs. 7-A, doubling more or less often depending on the count, are actually mathematically advantageous?? As a intermediate counter I, myself am not at this stage yet, but I think perpetuating the ignorant bj player persona would be a perfect way to conceal your true abilities. Just my opion though. 2003-07-28 13:33:06
sld007 bug - The eyes of Texas are upon 'em!! 2003-07-28 13:26:38
sld007 midnite - yeah midnite I know I know...Grifter - Maybe so..BUT I DAMN SURE KNOW WHEN AN IDIOT IS PLAYIN AT MY TABLE! Usually he or she will: (i) split tens, (ii) double on a hard 12 or 13, (iii)stand on a soft 17 "because the dealer is gonna bust", etc. etc. 2003-07-28 13:24:17
BuGhOu§eMASTER Hell yeah I would know the difference of a PROFESSIONAL hardcore BJ player and some panzyass wanna be BJ patzer who, as sld said, would hit his 14 against 4 to improve his measely hand! After all, his rationale is this: Man! If the dealer has a 7 in the hole AND draws a face I'm in TROUBLE!!! <-- so I better HIT before I lose!" (LoL)... Exactly, sld. I cant stand watching horrible players play, as well as watch people take even money because they're too damn GREEDY and dont want to take FULL advantage of their BJ by getting paid 3:2, eventhough I know that their bad play does not affect *MY* flawless BS playing. Midnite, in the reference that I have been talking about all along with moronic players, it should be more than obvious I'm referring to the ding-dongs who are just playing for the hell of it and have no strategy-based recollection of the game at all... so your statement about someone's play may be "lightyears" ahead of mine is totally unnecessary. Thanks to sld for understanding my POV on this matter. Try to grasp the WHOLE PICTURE, midnite, before saying something nonsensical. Thanks. 2003-07-28 13:23:09
Midnite 007-The Law of numbers say, it doesn't matter if a bad player is at the table. He will help you, as much as hurt you. Murphy's Law say The hands that hurt you, will always be when you have out your largest bet...... 2003-07-28 13:18:22
Grifter SLD – Midnite’s statement is correct. I sincerely doubt if Bug, or anyone else for that matter, is going to spot a good level three counter using an “I just fell off the turnip truck” routine for cover. I know I sure as hell couldn’t unless I was sitting at the table counting with him. And the PC’s can’t, that’s why they have the “eye in the sky”. 2003-07-28 13:15:57
okohiored Seeems martingale might be sucessful,if you wait till dealer wins three hands in a row than get in and out in maximum of ten hands win or lose than off to play the horses.of course bet figure should be minimum of 50.00 and than save enough for a shotgun shell if dealer now wins 13 in a row. 2003-07-28 12:43:50
okohiored Answer to Desert Dog- the luck of picking the right three horses to finish boxed in a couple of trifectas got my money back, I have bet the horses for years and sometimes have sucess at handicapping the racing form,Sometimes I do not.Sometimes I do not talk about it.Will be first to admit I play limited amount of holdem on line.Think the best for your money are some small buy in tourneys with some good prizes if you can finish in top ten of tournament.Afraid of two who can partner in same hand running others out in regular games.All they need to do is hook up two computers next to each otherand play at same table.Tourneys have up to 600 at a time and assigned seatsand you hope the site is honest 2003-07-28 12:36:30
Desert Dog Hi Doc. Psychoanalysis too, huh? Re Okohiored's Martingale in Vegas there's a post on 7/21 that reads: "Late vegas report-My martingales as midnight predicted were of no sucess.Often I would double or triple my money before I hit the rerrible losing streak.Anyway got my money back plus some playing exotics with the horses.Believe in midnight he predicted my demise." My question to Okohiored is this: if you tanked using Martingale, what strategy got you your money back? THAT's the one we'd like to know about! (and don't tell us it's the "strategy" you just posted today.) 2003-07-28 12:19:59
sld007 midnite - I think bug would know the difference between a seasoned player using a three levekl count vs. a rube who stands on a 16 vs. 10 because he's "afrad of busting" or hits 14 vs. a 4 because he's "wantin to improve my hand." I usually watch for about half a shoe before sitting down. I know it really makes no difference other than to annoy the shit out of me when I see sloppy play. 2003-07-28 12:00:24
Jedi AceofSpades- where were you as I was doubling down my 10's last week? instead, your buddies 2 of hearts and 3 of clubs kept showing up- as I got my ass handed to me on a silver platter. hook a BJ playa up 2003-07-28 11:56:46
Midnite Bug-Just because someone stands on a 16 vs a 10 or hits a 14 against the dealers 4, does not "always" make them, as you say, an idoit. While most are just uninformed players, the guy might also be playing a three level count method, with several indexs and that is the right play, at this time. His game may be light years ahead of yours. 2003-07-28 11:47:17
Doc Good one ok, how'ed your martingale do in LV? Bug, it sounds like you are asking a psychology question, maybe you have a desire to share the even money takers co-dependence and be thier BJ mother/father figure. 2003-07-28 11:36:51
okohiored new system :play only the winning hands and set out the hands you are about to lose. 2003-07-28 11:27:36
BuGhOu§eMASTER Renzey, thanks a lot. Your exlanation helps, but why is it that when someone wants to take even money I *IMMEDIATELY* want to offer an extra $1 to take their hand? Should I stop doing this if their bet is <$30 (most of the time!)? 2003-07-28 10:17:04
DRIFTER lol. um is ' renzey ' the real renzey or just some POSER trying to act like he knows something 2003-07-28 10:11:20
Mondello What??? 2003-07-27 22:26:29

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