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Grifter SLD - But read that wrong. "Ol Dawgs can still hunt." We ain't ready for the rockin' chair yet.(g) 2003-07-29 13:15:27
Grifter SLD - Well, I don't know about "Old Guard", but Midnite and I are definitely "Old". (g) 2003-07-29 12:09:00
zebra sld -- i too enjoy bug's (and your) funny & enthusiastic commentary -- this board would be hard to read if everybody wrote in as dull a fashion as i am. i don't mean to slam you and certainly respect your years in the game. i only chimed in as the discussion seemed to be turning into a bit of a bitch session. 2003-07-29 11:57:12
zebra hunter -- small clarification -- harrah's does offer surrender -- just not on double deck tables. 2003-07-29 11:52:21
zebra desert dog -- barona is closest to downtown but does require a bit of a windy drive into the hills east of sd (~40 minutes away). viejas (not as nice, not as favorable rules -- ie surrender not offered) is a bit further east but right off the freeway (so may be a bit closer in terms of time to arrival) -- it is definitely easier to reach but dirtier, less player-friendly, & the crowd can be a little sketchy at times. sycuan is in between and should be avoided as it offers no advantages whatever -- very divey, rules are not favorable, no alcohol, and for me the kicker is dealers keep their own tips -- which doesn't seem like a big deal -- or possibly even like it may a good thing as you know exactly who's getting your tip money -- but in reality, you have these subtle headgames that go on all night between dealers and players (even losing players) as the dealers try to game patrons into tipping them for (sometimes unsolicited) help. i saw one dealer convince a gal who clearly was new at the game to put a tip out for him, then talked her into splitting sevens against his nine (thereby doubling his tip potential), then had her double the first hand of her split -- a soft eighteen (thereby tripling his tip potential) and the stand on the second hand of her aplit -- a sixteen. no skin off his neck, right? he had a lot more of her money on the table, and she didn't know better -- was convinced that she was playing smart because he was lying to her. both of her (and his) bets went down against the dealer nineteen. she didn't know anything was amiss and tossed him a ten dollar natural tip for helping her out with a difficult hand. i find the place sleazy and just don't have fun in that environment (have only been a couple of times though). the north county casinos are probably an hour and a quarter total travel time from downtown sd -- but as hunter says are pretty bunched together so when you get there, you're close to four or five different places. 2003-07-29 11:49:04
AceofSpades Great Renzey articles at casinocitytimes.com 2003-07-29 10:36:26
AceofSpades Renzey- Why don't you write the gaming articles in the Sun Times? I enjoy reading your work, for it seems you have a great sense of humor. That current fat-ass ugly slob writing them is useless, and has no sense of humor.Some gaming guru he is. Jedi- I was there. I read the 21st Century Blackjk, nice job Walt, will give it a try on next trip, and see how it pans out. My game can use some fine tuning on what the Grifter preaches as the big "D". Often times I'll attempt to recoop my looses, and abandon the game plan. I'm sure we have all been there. Idiot- Webster's def: Feebleminded or foolish person Peace out. 2003-07-29 10:33:28
sld007 grifter - good post re:idiots. zebra - it's nice to know that a perception exists that midnite and grifter are the "old guard", while bug and I are the "young turks", so to speak. I greatly respect the sage advice of midnite and grifter; however, I am also inspired by bug and his quick witted analysis of various nuances of the game from a young man/woman's perspective. For myself, I just love the rush of playing and BS, progressive betting and money management make this thrill a reality without losing my ass in the process. 2003-07-29 10:04:31
Grifter Renzey – Someone posted your “Mag 7” hands and asked if anyone knew what the ‘gain’ was by making your suggested BS changes. I did NOT run the calcs, but posted that the total gain for the seven hands was probably less than 0.05%. What IS the exact gain? 2003-07-29 08:45:55
Renzey To Bug: Here's an example. The player next to you has blackjack against an Ace for $10 - thirteen different times. All thirteen times, you let him keep his bet and offer him a $10 profit from your own stack (hereby paying him the same even money he'd have gotten from the dealer) if he'll let you collect the payoff whenever there is one. Now, four times there'll be no payoff which will cost you $40 total. The other nine times you'll get back $15 each, netting you $5 per time or $45 total. Your net result is a $5 profit on a full model sample. 2003-07-29 08:24:30
BuGhOu§eMASTER Renzey I still dont understand how that would work, me paying him even money. So, if *I* pay him even money, where is my profit in it? Aren't I just giving away money for NOTHING since I wouldn't be able to go heads up against dealer with his BJ since *I* am paying him even money? I dont understand at all. 2003-07-29 06:33:48
okohiored thought would share this tidbit has nothing to with BJ.ON the way back from Dallas to Ohio was stuck on a small regional jet about 50 passengers.first time for me on that small of a plane. Every thing fine until about ten minutes before landing as flight attendant gets on P.A. speaker to announce this is co-pilots first landing and to cheer him on.Sweat just broke out on me but landing was very smooth. Told flight attendant next time wait until we are on ground to make that announcement. 2003-07-29 04:49:38
McFlaherty Forgot to mention...the dealer had a 17 against the 19 & 21. 2003-07-28 23:24:29
McFlaherty Just incase anyone is interested... I just got back from a quicky at the local casino where I kept a consistent count about 90% of the time, made a few bucks, and had some laughs. A guy sitting a second base was talking all night about how he loved to split face cards... he finally got a pair of Jacks and split 'em up (true count was -2).. he got a 9 on the first and Ace on the second... I couldn't believe it. An older lady at the table was having a bird, but me and the rest of the table were having a good laugh over it. Overall it good times...I love this game!! 2003-07-28 23:23:23
Doc Desert Dog, I should be in bed but Im playing play money poker, I'll never learn. You said a really bad word though, 6:5, forget the CSMs this game needs to be avoided like the plague, adds over 1% house advantage. 2003-07-28 21:23:10
Desert Dog I tried counting at a heads up single deck pitch game in Vegas, and managed for a while, but lost track when two other players sat down. I tried it just for the counting practice, because the 6:5 on BJ moves the house edge way up. Do they do this because they expect many players to count at single and double deck games? Hey Doc -- I thought it would just be the far westerners on the board by this time of night. 2003-07-28 21:13:27
Doc Mr. Renzey the board has a double honor now with your comments, God bless the counters, I wish I could get down and boogie just like them but it has been slow going, your book is just the right prescription to the player who wants to treat blackjack as a 'card game' and use every bit of knowlege and experience to try to shift that bell curve to our side as much as possible. I have to say the last time I was at the tables I was able to keep a decent KISS count for most of the time but am still in a position where I just didn't feel comfortable in an abbreviated play period that a ramp would do me any good, so I stuck with your Mag hands and hand composition plays, played a conservative progression the 'good ol boys' helped me with and walked away happy. I just need to get brave enough to try some 'buy ins'. Your book has the sole occupancy in my take along gambling bag and I just wanted you to know that its worth its weight in red chips. 2003-07-28 20:52:10

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