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Walter Thomason Mike -- Regarding your "dorkiness": You're not the only player who risks his night of profits on "the last hand." When I'm at the tables I ofter suffer a serious disregard for the value of money, as I've set "win goals" for the period that I'm playing. If I'd plan to leave a session with a $1,000 profit, and was only ahead by $100 after several hours of play, I wouldn't hesitate to bet the winnings on one hand and then let it ride for a hand or two if it won. To me, breaking even or being $100 ahead is about the same thing, so losing my profit is no big thing, while walking out with $400 or $500 makes the session worthwhile... On the other hand, if I reach my predetermined goal, I'll quit play or seriously lower my initial bet in order to protect the profit that I've achieved... In the long run, every short session is just a continuation of the previous session, but the psychological reward from reaching a goal (even if it's a $5 gain)is important to me and many other players. If you felt bad about losing your $28, don't do it again. If you didn't really care if you lost the $28, go for it every time! The only person you really have to answer to is yourself. 2003-08-03 11:35:04
Mike Thanks Midnite, I like it there for the river, too. Plus you don't need to buy in for much to keep getting their comps flowing. I don't know why, but I seem to have better luck in Nevada, than San Diego. 2003-08-03 09:16:54
Midnite Mike- You will find lots of low limit games in Laughlin, but No double down after a split, seems to be norm there. 2003-08-03 09:02:29
Renzey Clarification: The entire previous post was in reference to 11 against a 10 up. 2003-08-03 08:36:53
Renzey On Doubling with a Small to Moderate Edge (as w/11 vs. 10) -- Question? When is a better time to put up an extra unit? When you've just won the last three hands, or when you know you're a 6-to-5 favorite on the one you're currently playing? Answer: Research has shown that your chance to win the next hand right after winning the last three is 43% -- the same as at any other time! But your chance to win another bet when you're a 6-to-5 favorite is 54%. In this game, you're a dog the majority of the time. You cannot pass up even the tiniest favorite situation. To Dog; In a six deck game, if you have no information on the cards that have gone by on previous rounds, then you'd need to have 22 more 10's on board than babies (2's thru 5's) before you should NOT double. That's why it's not one of the Mag 7 hands. 2003-08-03 08:31:59
Mike I've always been a little fuzzy on the whole disipline thing. I'm disipline enough to turn down a line of credit at the casino becuse I know I'm not disipline enough not to use it all. LOL, see what I mean? FUZZY.. 2003-08-03 07:59:58
Grifter Mike - Takes an honest man to "tell on himself".(g) It is the "Big D" that Midnite and I keep preachin' that you forgot. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline. Ya' knew better in this case and did it anyway. 2003-08-03 07:34:17
Mike PS..yes I walked out the same door that mad guy did, and she had to laugh again, but this time at me.... 2003-08-03 07:22:46
Mike I was in North San Diego Saturday,@ Pala Casino, and as my wife and I were walking in there was a guy coming out who through open the door and yelled some choice verbage as her walked out, very pissed off about something. I had to drag my wife inside to avoid him hearing her laugh until she cried. I bout in for 20 units and sat down for about 45 minutes, up 20 units and down 40 then up again, I even had a shoe where I drew 3 BJ's in a row and about smiled my face off. I gave most of it back at the end and walked away with a green and 3 white chips, when the dealer did the same BJ run for herself. I was walking towards the cashier to collect my 28.00 when I passed a 25.00 min table and thought to myself why wait in the line for 5 minutes when I can just give it back to the house right here. I put a green in the box and the 3 whites in front of it and won, so I stacked them both there and won again, now, I have my buy-in back and it's worth standing in line to cash out, but noooooooooooo. I stack them all up in the box to see what happens. Maybe some of you experts(Walter, Grifter, Desert Dog, Midnight, and the rest)can tell me why a reasonably intellegent man who plays consistant BS and tips like a rock star (with the casinos money)who works hard, loves his family, never curses on the messege board, could be such a total dork? Even my beautiful yet "uncomplicated" wife compared the play to that of a mule. (oh yeah I drew a 10, 7 and the dealer drew 10, 4, 7...) I'm never playing Blackjack ever again! (Well until we go to Laughlin on the 22nd) ((8(I) 2003-08-03 07:16:22
BuGhOu§eMASTER Okay, my bad. What i MEANT was that 62% of the CARDS will give you a pat hand (17-21!!), while only 38% will leave you with a bad total. Regardless of that, anytime you are given these sorts of wonderful opportunies by being A FAVORITE 62-38%, you should simply take advantage of them!!! As DOUBLING 11 vs. 10 may scare some BS players off because of the QUANTITY of high cards that are seen in play before YOU hit, it is still BS to DOUBLE when this particular situation arises. It isn't even a "close-call" situation that Renzey presents when he illustrated the Mag7 Hands so why even bother changing your strategy on this hand?! Like I said earlier (on a post that I dont see anymore...), it'd be exactly like changing up BS on other card situations as well that aren't even a close-call at all (unlike the MAG 7 HANDS), JUST BECAUSE you see more low cards on the table and thus "think" doing something else would be more beneficial. -- I did have a question though about DAHL's Progression though. Let's say on my first bet of 1x I split and only win ONE of the hands and not 2 to be able to skip *2* steps? So how many would I skip for only "splitting" wins by only 1 out of the 2 splits? MY GUESS would be to stay at the same level as my current 1x bet because winning 1 and losing one would be like having the net effect of "pushing" right? But how would we determine the how many to skip if i a)LOST split-hand 1 but PUSHED split-hand 2, b) PUSHED both split-hands, and other permutations of split-hand results? Do we just have to take the NET EFFECT everytime and then from THAT determine how many we skip the next go around? Or is there a general rule to just SKIP 2 as long as you win just 1 of the 2 (or more)IMPENDING splits?! Because this could be confusing... imagine if you split and got the same # 2 MORE times (the max usually)? How would we determine the amount of spaces to move up the next go around given all of these situations??? 2003-08-03 02:55:51
Midnite While Renezy is right, you will get the 11 vs 10, more than the other doubles. My rating was based on each of the hard doubles results, for 100 hands. Therefore the "11" was doubled 100 times, vs any 10. 2003-08-02 23:31:34
Desert Dog Right, Midnite. You have 11 vs 10 down as a bronze with 54:46, same as Fred's 6:5. Bug, where'd you get that 62% from? 2003-08-02 21:47:59
Desert Dog Glad you chimed in, Fred -- Page 79 of your book says player has only a 6 to 5 edge on 11 vs 10, meaning that you'd only win 6 times for every 5 you lose. Favorable but not strong odds. You need that next card to be a 10 more than with any other double, and if you see plenty of 10's lying around the table, that reduces your chances to get one. So twice last night I declined to double and just hit, winning the first by getting a 2 then an 8 for 21 beating dealer 20, losing the second by getting a 6 for 17 losing to dealer 19, but at least not losing a doubled bet. The times I had 11 vs 10 and the board wasn't covered with 10's I doubled, and usually won. Are you saying that many tens out on the table aren't enough reason to override the basic strategy rule of double 11 vs dealer 10? 2003-08-02 21:44:22
Midnite Bug- When you said you had a 62% edge, when doubling an 11 vs 10....You are NOT even CLOSE. Try 54%. 2003-08-02 21:22:40
Renzey On Doubling with 11 vs. 10 -- Although this play makes only 6% more money than just hitting, it comes up roughly four times as often as the other hard doubles (due to the dealer's 10 up). That makes it the 7th most profitable play of 21 hard doubles in the standard basic strategy, right behind "10 against a 5 up" and just ahead of "11 against a deuce". For example, if you never doubled with 9 against a 6 but did everything else right, a 0.50% basic strategy house edge would become 0.53%. But if the only double you left out was 11 against a 10, then that same basic strategy house edge would become 0.59%. You cannot leave this play out! 2003-08-02 21:11:32
D Lurker, you have a good message. In fact, I'm a firm believer of the fact that one should take EVERYTHING posted on a message board with a grain of salt. This includes reports of winnings and names used. I'll bet (double down, in fact) that some here use multiple names to post. Just like anything I find on-line, I always go to a reputable source to comfirm things. 2003-08-02 18:26:33
lurker Renzey, you are correct to have major questions about that guys record, no one that I have seen who has played much that posts here really believes what he says about his winnings, but you have seen plenty of guys like this I'm sure in the casinos, all talk, in fact if you have read some of his old posts you will recognize him if he sits next to you, he said he takes insurance on his BJs, that tells you very clearly what his deal is, take him with a big grain of salt. 2003-08-02 17:31:32

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