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zebra new keyboard is on order. thank you. 2003-07-28 15:06:03
Grifter Doc - Good story, and "how true it is". 2003-07-28 14:57:46
Doc Thanks D. Grifter I know what you mean, I have a really hard time staying at tables with slurring drunks and people pulling for everybody to play like a team. In St Louis the drunk sitting next to me got up to pee, and the 'team player' at 1st base asked us if we wanted to wait til he got back, I couldnt believe it and said the house wouldnt let us just keep the table idle. But get this, the dealer, I guess she believed in the team concept too, said as long as we didn't put money in the box she couldnt deal. I left. 2003-07-28 14:49:33
Grifter SLD – Easy one, and with your 20 years of playing I think you will agree. MY definition of an “idiot” is someone who not only does what you were talking about, but also makes a total ass of himself (and the idiots do). Loud, telling everyone how much he knows about BJ, telling you and everyone else how to play their cards, probably giving the dealer a hard time, etc. etc……Then I leave the table. On the other hand, if a guy/gal is sitting there quietly playing as best they now how……and making mistakes, no matter how bad……I have no problem with that. I know their mistakes will not affect my play or winnings overall. They are probably tourists just trying to have some fun and hopefully make a buck or two. More power to them as long as they don’t make asses of themselves. 2003-07-28 14:41:16
zebra very spicy discussion. i tend to side with midnite & grifter, and against sld & bug (as if anybody cares). i am not yet a counter but am a solid bs player who varies my bets according to a well-planned (if imperfect) betting system. from time to time i employ a ten count or a four/five count and sometimes (admittedly, rarely) alter my bs moves based on the info i've gleaned from these counts. sometimes at the beginning of a progression, if i'm setting up a winning progression via a martingale launch, i don't split or double (to minimize the martingale exposure should both bets go down) -- sometimes, i surrender bad hands (also during the martingale phase of my progression and for the same reason) when bs says i should not do so. i'm not a pro, but i'm not a scrub either and i've had some degree of success in my years at the tables. but it sometimes may appear that i am betting and playing at random -- i was told as much last night by another player. i guarantee that my unassuming personality and bewildered, first-timer appearance, coupled with sometimes unorthodox play would (at times) get me pinned with the idiot label. in fact, i know this to be the case. but i believe the namecallers are wrong. i do not play a random game and i am not an idiot. i may not, however, be playing the game to somebody else's specifications. and if it is annoying to play with me, just say no. there are many tables out there and none of us own any of them. i'm don't really feel defensive about this issue (though this post may read that way) -- i'm all grown up now and can take any amount of heat from anybody at any table (so far) -- or on any message board (so far) -- but my real point here is that we seem to be spending a lot of time on this board lately complaining up the uneducated masses and how much we dislike playing with them. it seems a rather useless thing to concentrate on when we have such a strong group of experts and strategists (certainly including bug & sld) who have a ton of knowledge and information to offer -- much more helpful and interesting than shredding the poor slobs at the tables who play differently than we do -- whether intelligently (my choice of words) or not. end sermon. 2003-07-28 14:24:34
Midnite Appearances can be decieving. Last time I was in Tunica, I showed the pit boss a basic strategy card and asked if I could use it. He said I could as long as it didn't slow down the game. Now I need a basic strategy card, like Custer needed another Indian... 2003-07-28 14:23:52
McFlaherty I need some advice regarding the size of bankroll I should have if I use the high-low counting system and a 1-4 spread. 2003-07-28 14:19:43
Midnite D- You will find it harder to count in the casino, than at home. Don't get discouraged it gets easier, the more you do it. Send me an e-mail and I will try and help. midnitegambler@cox.net 2003-07-28 14:11:46
sld007 grifter - if you subscribe to midnite's theory that "it doesn't matter if a bad player is at the table. He will help you, as much as hurt you", then why do you "simply leave the table", when faced with an idiot? 2003-07-28 14:10:31
D Doc: You, Midnite, and a few other sages are what make it worth reading this board. Thanks. If we ignore the edgy (edgey?) ones, maybe they'll go away. 2003-07-28 14:08:37
sld007 McF - Yes, I understand; however, for every counter who has a valid reason for standing on the hard 15 or 16, there are a THOUSAND rubes who stand out of: (i) fear of busting, (ii) intuition, or (iii) fear of winning. Yes, fear of winning, because then they wouldn't know what to do with all that money...probably get some new tatoos. Hopefully, this time they will be spelled correctly! 2003-07-28 14:07:52
Doc Midnite, you make pretty good sense to me, as well as showing restraint, I'm close to the edge myself, about to tell some folks they need their lithium levels checked. 2003-07-28 14:03:33
D Midnite, I, too, operate on the theory that a bad player is just as likely to HELP me. In 6 months or so I've moved from a bad player, to a perfect BS strategy player, then to a progressive better. Tried to count this weekend (hi-lo)for the first time...couldn't do it. Kept losing count. I think I'm too sociable. Any hints? 2003-07-28 14:02:03
Grifter SLD - I agree. The idiots are easy to spot, and I simply leave the table. I was referring to a good counter playing the "I really don't know for sure what I'm doing" act. They will NOT act like idiots because they definitely do not want to bring attention to themselves. 2003-07-28 13:52:27
McFlaherty Oh, I hear ya. I can't imagine playing a game that could be so expensive without the least amount of knowledge of the game. But you never really know who is acting and who isn't. I personally enjoy having somebody "tell me what I should have done" when I stand on 15 or 16 when the count dicates. I just take it in stride and watch their money go down the dropbox. 2003-07-28 13:43:40
sld007 McF - Actually there's a whole lotta people out there who are "perpetuating the ignorant bj player persona" as the actual method of PROVING their "true abilities." 2003-07-28 13:36:18

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